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Surya Industries offers a vast range of rubber and plastic products, rubber rising, moulded rubber, plastic components, materials and services.




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EPDM has good resistance to ozone ageing and weathering, water and steam, Dilute acid, alkalies ketones, alcohol, fire retardent hydraulic fluids and hydraulic brakes fluids, this elastomer must not come in contact with mineral oils and greases.
Viton Rubber is excellent resistance to mineral oils, hot water, steam, fuels, alcohol, hot oils, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon, it has poor resistance to methanol, ketones & esters also exhibits excellent chemical resistance for use in harsh environments such as phosphate esters.
HNBR rubber, improves wear and extrusion resistance over standard NBR, HNBR has outstanding resistance to heat, ozone, weathering, mineral oil, crude oils, with amines, fuels, greases, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and indurtrial chemicals, it has very good mechanical properties and has extended high temperature range.
Nitrile Rubber is general purpose elastomer for Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems and used as seal energizer for low pressure applications such as pneumatic, it has excellent resistance to mineral oil, greases, water, hydrocarban fuels, compression set resistance and good elastic properties, it is not suitable to automotive brakes fluid.
Poly acrylic Rubber has excellent resistance to heat, hydrocarbon, oil, mineral oxidation and ozone. But poor resistance to water, steem, acids and alkalis.
CR chief characteristice is flame retardency, excellent ageing properties in ozone and weather environments along with resistance to abrasion and flex faitigue. It is good resistance to mineral oils with high aniline point, greases refrigerants and water.
PU is premium polyurethene for superior sealing performance for use in general hydraulic applications (Not suitable for hot water), it has excellent mechnical properties such as high tensite strength, abrasion resistance, tear strength, and extrusion resistances.
Silicon Rubber has great cold flexibility as well as high thermal resistance. It has excellent de-electric properties and very good resistance to attack by oxygen, ozone and sunlight. It has poor strength & tear resistance to mineral oils



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