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Formed in 1986, Surya Industries is now a successful family run business. During 1980s we saw significant changes around the rubber and plastic products and though there were organisations producing these goods, there was a visible gap between the quality demanded and quality supplied.

Surya Industries identified this gap and began its operations with the sole aim of offering world-class products to manufacturers within the region and as a result, it slowly but steadily created a niche for itself. Today, with its products going to the best companies on the board, Surya Industries stands tall among all its competitors and takes pride in serving customers.

Why Surya Industries?

As one of the largest manufactures of rubber and plastic products, moulded rubber, plastic components and rubber rising products in the region, Surya Industries is has gained expertise in the industry. It has used this experience to gain the strength to design, engineer and manufacture products with proven excellence and timely precision.

The benefits to the clientele are numerous but most noteworthy is the cost saving that they achieve by using our rubber and plastic products. The factors that distinguish our products from others include:

• Superior engineering standards
• Top-notch production
• Ingenious products
• Unmatchable manufacturing standards
• 100% Quality assurance
• Ultra modern facilities
• Short lead times
• Stock availability

We offer highly competitive prices and quick turnaround time. Whatever is your requirement, we deliver it within the agreed timeframe whilst operating through a stringent quality control programme. Please feel free to contact us for helpful advice and a cost-effective solution.

Vision Statement

We are a company with heart. And that is reflected in our vision statement:
Surya Industries strives to become and remain an innovative by deploying unique systems to produce quality rubber and plastic products for enterprises globally, adding consistent returns to all stakeholders and sustain universal human values through ethical policies and socially responsible means.


Quality Assurance

““For us quality is not an act, it is a habit.”

Surya Industries is an ISO-9001 certified company. Quality is the basic business principle for us. Quality improvement is our core job every day. It fuels our dedication to provide innovative products and services to our customers, completely satisfying their need of trading with us. We value the long term business relationships and never bargain on the Quality Factor of the products at any stage of manufacturing. The owners of Surya Industries truly believe in achieving profitable expansion by offering quality products at highly competitive prices.

To prove our benchmarked quality standards, we ensure the following:

• Hygienic working conditions
• Complete training of the employees
• Prompt response to the ever changing needs of our customers
• Emphasis on gaining trust of clients by meeting their demands every time.
• Dedicated to deliver superior products to help clientele minimise the maintenance cost of their quipments.
• Constant upgradation of manufacturing technology and skills
• Cost reduction through waste elimination in all our business processes.
• Increased participation of our suppliers
• Timely delivery

Corporate Social Responsibility

“Commitment to care while we grow”

Living our values means being a responsible citizen in the communities where we work. At Surya Industries, we believe in helping our society with an emphasis on small efforts aimed to make a difference in the lives of those living near us.

Every year, hundreds of mentally disturbed children across Delhi suffer due to lack of basic necessities. Caught in the never ending web of ‘being unwanted’, they sometimes are forced to live in the most pitiable of conditions. Though they can be equally participative in the future of our country but by not gaining the right to live and receive knowledge, they face injustice every day.

As a responsible company, Surya Industries adds value to the society by actively parenting Mother Teresa Deep Ashram, a NGO made with an effort to help children like these acquire life skills and have a successful rehabilitation in the mainstream. All the services are provided free of cost to the children along with the love and respect that they deserve. Those willing to be a part of our cause are sometimes on the brink of despair and right education is the only way out of a life of such barrenness.

Surya Industries also supports an environmental NGO Prakrati because we believe that the true worth of a business unit comprises more than just its organizational achievements. This campaign is committed towards creating environmental awareness through enlightenment, education and empowerment. Our understanding is that what we do today matters tomorrow and our focussed approach to environmental responsibility and quality innovation in the rubber and plastic products matter.


Industries Served

Surya Industries has a huge range of rubber and plastic products, rubber rising, moulded rubber and plastic components. Below written are few industry sectors for which these products are used. To know more about our products, refer to the product pages or contact us using the enquiry form.




About us


Vision Statement

Corporate Social Responsibility

Quality Assurance

Industries Served


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